Great Gifts For Hiking Quest Grayl Water Filtration Cup

French Press-Style Water Filtration


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Never again wonder where your next refreshing sip will come from with the Quest Grayl Water Filtration Cup.  A safety Must-Have for Hikers!

Filter water in a mere 15 seconds with this French press-style water filtration cup. Forget waiting, squeezing, or pumping; just press and drink.

The G3+TM filter is effective against flavor, odor, chemicals, and 99% of bacteria and protozoan cysts, ideal for travel within the US. For international travelers, the optional purifier offers burlier protection against bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. A lifespan of approximately 40 gallons per filter / purifier will see you through a summer of adventure. Fast flow rate of 16 oz. in 15 seconds allows user to “gulp” water as with a traditional water bottle. Fits in car cup holder for the drive to and from the trailhead. Comes with trail filter. Weighs 2.9 oz. 2.9″H x 2.7″D.

  • French press-style water filtration cup
  • Forget waiting, squeezing, or pumping; just press and drink.
  • A safety Must-Have for Hikers!
  • Optional Purifier Great For International Travel